Improve Your Cleaning Routine

01/10/2012 13:58

Few people like the way they feel before they have to clean the whole house. It takes alot of efforts and time but there are ways to improve your cleaning routine. Carpet cleaners St Johns Wood NW8 and carpet cleaning South Kensington SW7 recommend that you find time to think about planing your cleaning ahead of time, will allow you to be more organised and do more with your time, without doing anything special at all.

The first step is to create house cleaning plan. The structure of this plan must be well organised to be of any use. Draw scheme of your home with all the rooms in it, then give every room a number, start ranking them by their importance. Once you are finished go in every room and look around , what are the regular tasks that you need to perform when cleaning? Write them down and suggest duration of every cleaning task. For example:

1. Vacuum the whole room - twice a week - 5-10 min
2. Clean with wet cloth all dusty surfaces - once a week - 5 min
3. Clean the windows 10-15 min - once every 3 months
4. Hard to reach places on top of the lamp, behind the bed , between radiator ribs etc, spider webs on top of curtains and upper corners.

Make bulletpoint checklist for every room, now find these that you have to perform every day/week and think when would be a good time to do these.Now when you have the list you should spread all tasks between family members in a proper way. Who will be ok doing what? Rotation is also an option if noone is particularly excited about the cleaning. Know the exact days that the task needs to be performed. Now spread your plan between all family members so all of you have nearly the same time invested in cleaning every month. This is a good practice and will improve discipline of your kids, and make them recognise their unique role and responsibilities. They can say they have forgoten but when it is writen on a paper, their obligations are not going away.

Daily tasks such as dish washing, trowing the garbage and such must be writen on your list too. Now you cna establish 15 minutes cleaning plan that combines several task. This is a good way to find time and perform these tasks when you know how much does it take to finish.

15 minute kitchen plan could be something like this: Sweep the kitchen floor, clean the oven, throw the garbage. It isn't something complicated but it works .

It is also very important to shedule when to hire professional cleaners. Most carpets need pro cleaning procedures every 8 to 12 months depending on the type of carpet and the traffic amount trough your home. Carpet cleaning St Johns Wood NW8 is one of those excellent cleaning service provider known for many years for their high quality performance and strict procedure execution. Carpet cleaning is reuired in order to protect the big investment that your carpet is, maintaining it properly will extend its lifespan and improve your house cosiness.

Carpet cleaning South Kensington SW7 provides wide spectrum of cleaning services, rug , upholstery, curtain, drapery, hard floor and many other types of cleaning that your home requires. Combining several procedures would qualify you for even further saves by receiving more than 10% discount for every added procedure. Choosing the most reliable cleaning provider in St Johns Wood NW8 have never been easier.