Essentials of Carpet Care

06/02/2013 20:00

Carpets are an essential part of the interior of every house, they are a big investment and demand attention. Proper maintenance is crucial for the lifespan if your textile flooring, but how to determine which one is the most suitable? Well there are many factors which will determine this like the kind if your carpet is it tolerant to water, is it delicate, how stained it is and so on. Since you're not a specialist I recommend you seek professional assistance from a carpet cleaning company.


Be extra careful if you have children and pets, because thy can make quite a mess and you can't afford to use detergents containing chemicals. The little people love to play on the carpet, especially if it is big an fluffy. Make sure the cleaning company you have chosen uses only green cleaning solutions. You should go with truck-mounted cleaning tools, because they're more powerful and can extract more dust and dirt. Of course you can preform the deep cleaning by yourself, but consider the time you'll spend.


There are some home-made cleaning solutions you can use to remove stains and perform dry cleaning, but as effective as they are, there is no comparison to the professional ones. If you're from those do-it-yourself enthusiast, here are some things you should keep in mind. First determine the kind of carpet you own, and decide if you want to rent or buy a cleaning machine. I think buying one is more suitable, because you'll be sure no one else worked with it and it's fully operational.


Next in order is the cleaning solution seek Eco-friendly ones and watch out for a sing 'trade secret' on the label, because this is how companies mask the chemicals used in the detergent. Be mindful of the tools you're getting, for example if you have a wool carpet it is not a good idea to purchase a bonnet, because it can damage the fibers. The rotary brush can be a little harsh, that's why it is mainly used in offices and not suitable for home carpets.


What's next, oh yes remove all the furniture form the room, that way you'll have access to the entire carpet. Vacuum thoroughly to remove large dirt particles and loosen up trapped soil so the deep cleaning is more effective. Open all windows to ease the drying and let the fresh air in. Follow the instructions on the cleaning tool and detergent, but keep in mind you can use less, to prevent over-shampooing. If you're not so sure you can handle the cleaning after this article contact a cleaning company such as: