Cleaning Solutions for Lazy People

30/01/2013 14:44


I'm in love with my life – I have a wonderful job, I started a great photography class, and I'm getting pretty good at it, especially with landscapes. I travel a lot and often go out. My crazy friends and I often throw parties or just get together to have a nice dinner. But I am definitely not good when it comes to clean my home.
Don't get me wrong – I really enjoy when I come home after a long day and it is sparkling and organized. If you're nodding when you read this, you certainly know what I mean – we all have better things to do than cleaning the house
I was so annoyed with all the dirt on my carpet, that I had some really desperate and crazy ideas in my head. Such as to invite my friends at home, after party – they would be in a pretty good mood, they would have had few drinks and won't notice how dirty my home is. The morning after – I would make them clean the house. Or – to throw out everything, buy a new place and start a new, bright life. Yes, not so long ago my house was e real mess – but I figured out a few solutions for this problem. Here they are.

Tidying Tricks

Look around – what annoys you the most in your house? When you figure this out, attack the problem immediately. Piles of clothes, so big, that you can't remember what's worn, and what is not? Drop everything into the washing machine rather than losing time to sort it – that's what usually makes you quit the task. Countless knick-knackers, covering every surface possible? No matter how you love all your tiny figurines and little symbolic stuff, given to you by old friends – get rid of them. They usually collect too much dust, and sweeping them is one of the most boring things to do in your routine. Food leftovers? Eat smaller portions. I'm serious – it helps.

The Realistic Approach to Cleaning

We usually postpone cleaning for the end of the week, and when that moment comes your home is extremely dirty. It's hard to make some place sparkling, when it is a genuine disaster. Don't leave all housework for just one day – it will be easier for you to spare 30 minutes everyday for one task, than to spend whole weekend brushing, scrubbing, dusting and washing. The goal here is to build a sustainable cleaning routine, you may start with deciding on the proper time for vacuuming your carpets. In order to keep them healthy they require vacuuming twice a week. It takes only 5-10 minutes but it has a great impact on your household environment.
All tactics that I've shared are working great for me. But I know that sometimes it's just not possible to do everything by your own. In that case the rational solution is to hire professional cleaners such as .