Carpet Cleaning Maintenance & Methods

24/10/2012 17:25


Today carpets are present in almost every home around the globe. Carpets offer some great benefits to their owners. First, carpets are colourful and comfortable. They fit in well in any type of interior. When chosen with taste, they can immensely improve they way a room or home looks. Yet, they are easy to maintain. Sometimes, buying a carpet seems expensive, but over the long term it turns out to be a wise decision. Like most textile materials, their beauty and longevity depends on the care that is provided to them. Proper maintenance will add years of life. Specific carpet cleaning methods are determined by the type of fabric and where the carpet is put. In general, proper care involves regular vacuum cleaning and once or twice a year professional deep carpet cleaning.


Regular vacuum cleaning is essential for proper maintenance as it removes dirt and soil from the carpet's surface, not allowing to settle into the carpet's fibers and causing serious damage. Vacuuming should be done at least once a week. But if you have small kids or pets, it is recommended to perform it more often. Professional carpet cleaners Croydon CR1 advise for the usage of good and well – maintained vacuum cleaner.


Having your carpet vacuum cleaned every week will not deep clean it though. Sooner or later you will have to deep clean it. You may find it helpful to learn more about the different carpet cleaning methods.

If you ask what is the best method, you will not get a definitive answer. All cleaning methods offer advantages and have some drawbacks. There is no single method to be superior over the rest.


Hot water extraction cleaning


This method is also known as steam cleaning, but they are the same thing. Probably you have guest that this method involves hot water with a cleaning agent are injected under pressure into the carpet fibers to loose dirt and grime. Then a wet truck-mounted vacuum cleaner extracts fluid and dirt alike.


Dry carpet cleaning


This method involves absorbent dry cleaning agent which is sprinkled over the carpet surface, before being worked into the carpet's fibers with a machine. Then it is vacuumed, removing soil and dirt trapped by the dry cleaning agent.